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(=The city of constantine)

By trying to describe the "city of the cities" words are never enough. So, instead of making a false attempt, I will display some old rare pictures of Constantinoupolis. It is only a sample of the unique beauty of the Byzantine capital, the holy city of the Orthodox Christianism.  

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 512x604x16M jpeg (94.130b) 

216x216x16 gif   (3.712b)

Constantine Paleologus - Last Emperor of the Byzantine Empire - and the flag (the coat of arms) of his Dynasty


400x290x256 jpeg (23.656b)

The building of the American embassy in Constantinople in 1919.



300x200x16M jpeg (24.571b)

The flag of Pontus (Pontian civilization)

451x640x16M jpeg (48.727b)

The fire tower in Constantinople (1828) - its history, and a picture of an old painting (1876) displaying a fire in the city.

375x352x16M jpeg (49.097b)

  298x220 jpeg (9.681b)

The Temple of God's Widsdom (Agia Sofia) in Constantinople. Today and at the beggining of the 20th century.


374x259x256 jpeg   (15.817b)

AEK football club in 1937. The picture was taken in the old stadium in Taxim district.

400x262x16 gif (33.850b) 130x446x16M jpeg (14161b) 357x450x16 gif (33.850b)

Three (3) views of the obelisk of Theodosius in Constantinople.

780x431x16Mjpeg (93711b) 780x640x16M jpeg (137.941b) 640x435x16M jpeg (63.958b)

Three (3) very old maps of the city of Constantinople.
9.    640x502x16M jpeg (106.943b) A very old  picture of Constantinople  displaying the panorama of the city.
10. 807x499x16M jpeg (45.562b) 382x215x16M jpeg (48.559b) 504x329x256 jpeg (37.258b)  The famous "Galata bridge" (=Greek word meaning: the man who brings the milk) and its history - Three (3) pictures in three different time  periods.
11. 424x580x16M jpeg (42.768b) The cross of the Byzantine Emperor Ioustinianos I. 
12. 103x371x16M jpeg (13.489b) 72x264x16M jpeg (6.235b)

Two modern pictures of "The Serpent's Column" and the "Constantine's column", two of the most important archeological treasures of the city..

13. 664x422x256 jpeg (104.079b) 800x600x256 jpeg (79.816b) 800x600x256 jpeg (45.424b) Three (3) old pictures of the area of Karakoy (old Galata district). 
14. 443x640x16M jpeg (81.042b)  Galata Tower
15. 1589x1029x16M jpeg (211.857b) An old postcard of the Turkish Cemetary in the suberb of Scutari - Constantinople.
16. 800x600x16M jpeg (39.365b) Leander's Tower - Constantinople 
17. 209x154x16M  jpeg (13.942b) 357x540x256 gif (102.926b) The Hippodrome 
18. 446x400x16M jpeg (74.112b) 440x328x16M jpeg (46.673b) A unique mosaic in one of the entrances of the Cathedral of God's Widsdom (Agia Sofia) representing Christ sitting between Empress Zoe (at right and her last husband, Constantinos IX Monomachus (at left)
19. 402x270x16M jpeg (16.928b) 274x402x16M jpeg (21.206b) The famous Walls of the city built by Theodosius II. These walls had been attacked several times during the past centuries. At the end they had been proven insufficient to protect the holly city from its capture.
20. 345x345x16M jpeg (40.487b) 1009x829x16M jpeg (244.472b) 307x420x16M (40.832b) The famous Delacroix paintings for Constantinople
21. 8 pics of different sizes & resolutions Famous paintings, old book pictures & images displaying Constantinople before and after its fall to the Turks in 1453. 
22. 800x600x256 jpeg (52.268b) 320x213x16M jpeg (18.000b) The architectural beauty of some villas in Vosporus is still visible. These houses reveal the wealth of the old city at the beginnings of the 20th century. 
23. 334x522x256 (52.025b) The sack of Constantinople in 1204 by Domenico Tintoretto. 

The battleship "Averof" in Vosporus.


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